Our man in a dress

Things you have to do – sometimes the pride of manhood has to give way to the needs of mankind.


This was the occasion of the “introduction” celebration between an engaged couples’ families. Very formal, very expensive for the groom’s family.

The whole day was hugely long and yet not without its many lighter moments. In readiness for the long drive we were to be picked up at 8 am. You know what’s coming, don’t you. So, yes, at 11.30 the car arrives, but gets bogged while negotiating a ridiculous 3 point turn into a muddy paddock. Carefully cleaned and ironed white “kunzus” (smocks, sounds better than dresses) no longer clean or white, after copious and eventually successful wheel spinning and mud-churning heave-hoing. Back to the house to clean up, leave again at 12.30. Fill up car with 2 litres fuel (“that’ll be plenty”) (the light was already on) and off we go, old Corolla with 6 adults aboard. An hour later, arrive, wait an hour for bridal party to arrive (convoy of 25 borrowed cars… Where did the brand new Lexus 4×4 come from?)
Sat at back of marquee,.couldn’t see much but heard 3 hours of speeches and dancing. I know it was all very funny because people kept laughing.
Mercifully proceedings were interrupted by 2 hour thunder storm and deluge, now realising this happens almost every day. Suddenly grateful for marquee!

By 7 I was famished and food was finally available, wild chicken drumstick (wild, baby) cooked in palm leaf, very nice, and the obligatory matooka (boiled green banana), rice and sweet potato, oh yes and Sprite. Found hundreds of little kids waiting for our scraps, further proof of abject poverty, especially in rural areas, which is what our MTCEA project is battling.

Amazingly we didn’t run out of fuel on the long journey home. Amazing. Hail Corolla, queen of the oily rag.

Quietly I’ll admit I quite like my dress, sorry, Kunzu. It’s definitely coming home with me for those warm summer evenings with close friends….

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. amanda olley
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 22:53:46

    My beautiful Spring morning is even more beautifuller! Im giggling a lot with you and am looking forward to comparing frocks! x


  2. simthomas
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 15:22:22

    Yes, umm, me too Amanda! I’m having such a wonderful time here, really feel I can change a few lives for the better. It’s where I should be. Xx


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