Comms probs old chap 1

Our Man In Kampala has often been the subject of “protocol errors” but none more often than with this wretched software bringing you up to date with his exploits.
Wordpress (Android) is a rare piece of mischief at times, refusing to upload our man’s critical pictorial evidence. Last night he toiled into the early hours, in final vain and intense frustration, to upload 3 photos for your edification, later the immortal words “upload fail, protocol error” punctuating his dreams at regular intervals.
So, here and below, I sincerely trust, no, I vaguely hope, are the 3 pix, individually uploaded to make WordPress’s arduous task a little simpler maybe.

All you have to do is to fit the correct photo to the correct place in the text. Good game!


Posted from MI’s WordPress for Android, as if!!


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