Paying a visit, much in return

My colleague Ajab asked me to his home today, 40 mins ride on Bluebell.


It’s not finished. Been without doors and windows, no electricity or water, dirt floors, for several years while Ajab saves up. His dream is to include a guest house which can generate an income, like the one I’m staying in, in Namparika. Which is hard when you have 12 children and no income. This is most of them, and his wife, Melissa, in their back yard:


Really generous lunch, Muslem style, the men :


…considering the kitchen facilities:


And Melissa was in tears when I gave her a jade necklace, me too:


2 of the children gave a welcome speech for me. The 13 year old girl said “i want to thank you for helping my father to pay our school fees. He works very hard for little maintenance and tomorrow I can now go back to school….”.


That money came from our team work across the globe, our appeal.
A visit doesn’t get any better than this.

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