R and R, brake linings and curry

Time to leave Sipi, R and R – relaxation and halfway reflection. Taxi van arrives EARLY!!!! That’s a first. This could be explained by the events about to unfold. Set off down the mountain amidst the smell of burning brakes and the back beats of Boy George, much good humour and laughs from the local travellers:

At this stage the van is almost empty.

By the time we reached the bottom of the mountain we pulled over and the jovial driver admitted his brakes weren’t really working and maybe we should all find another van, which we did:

… and continued our merry way to Mbale, squeezing 21 people a goat and three huge sacks of maize into the 15 seater:

… Where I have just enjoyed the most fantastic meal of 7 weeks. This Indian restaurant had been recommended by so many people, including Lonely Planet. I can only add my respects; nice one Namlu Restayrant.
Maybe it’s just that I haven’t actually had a really tasty meal in all that time.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my Ugandan friends again, later this afternoon. And I’m told another parcel has arrived!!!! Yeeha…. off to find the bus to Iganga. Life is so beautiful.


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