4000 potholes and a funeral

This particular journey would not have been financially possible without the pretty cash from our appeal, so thank you from us all.

Philip is a middle aged (30) man who, with his wife and 3 children, runs the little hole in the wall shop next to our office in Bulolo Road.
His mum has been ill with cancer for a while and this week she passed away. She was 60, well past the Ugandan life expectancy.
All the office joined around 500 friends and locals for the burial yesterday, a long bumpy drive in a $30 hire car and a very lovely service.


Outside but under a tarpaulin that I don’t think would have held much weather at bay, there was singing and chanting; a simple Christian service followed by the burial.


It’s illegal to perform cremation.


This was way out in the country, a very poor community, very beautiful to see so many children sitting so quietly, so patiently…


They probably know the consequences of complaining.

I’ve saved a collection of food and toys and clothes from the parcels that Amanda and Aunt Jo just sent, for Phillip’s family. Even the large bar of Whittakers, which is real charity…. Nice work team!


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