One step forward then…

So…. Last night the evil empire struck back and stole our computers. They broke in through the back door:


…. Locked the solo mums living behind us into their rooms, as if their lives weren’t worrisome enough:


…and left foot prints for the police lady to dust:


… before wet-footing it off into their miserable lives. Interestingly it fell largely on me to keep spirits from deflating even though it was pretty sad for me too. Fortunately it wasn’t appeal money that had paid for the computer upgrades and one addition last week, just mine.
As spirits slowly became restored,.thanks of course to lashings of hot tea and toast, and some retail therapy to buy the chairs that had been planned, news came from our UK funders, FOAG, that last night they had found 700 pounds for us, and that was before they knew of the break in. That’s freaky….


Sunday’s grand re-opening will go ahead as planned and next week we should be able to replace the computers and maybe beef up security a bit… House and Contents insurance is, of course, unheard of. We’ve already added a new bolt to the back door :


I was going to cook a meal for everyone tonight but somehow can’t find the energy or enthusiasm.

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