Our man finally in Kampala

After the theft of most of our computers last week, a door opened (and not the one the thieves came through ) in the form of a bonus from our UK funders, FOAG. This was enough to replace those and add one more, much faster and more modern though still secondhand machines. Brilliant, help from so many quarters!


Ayubu and I took the 3hr bus to our beloved capital city Kampala, the noisiest, most disorganised place I’ve yet had the displeasure to visit, but we did accomplish the mission with the help if a local operative, Douglas.
The only problem then was getting these 11 huge boxes across town:


And through the bus park to a van:


And after a 1hr wait, a further hour in a traffic jam and three more very uncomfortable hours back, finally delivered the merchandise to the office at 8.30 pm:


And you’ll be glad to know the appeal funds also bought a small laser printer, which means we can actually print stuff.

Meanwhile I had guests. Catherine and Eva are medical students working for 6 weeks in one of those under-resourced rural health centres I’ve mentioned. We met up in Sipi Falls 2 weeks ago and then on Sunday for a drink with other friends in Iganga. Eva was just realising she had malaria. We got her tested and drugged up and they stayed with us all in Namparika for 2 nights, while she recovered.


Now we have 2 more sub-members of MTCEA!


… despite Catherine testing the assertion seen on Facebook recently that if you put earphones in your nostrils, then your mouth acts as an amplifier:


Fortunately Eva was on the mend today and they went back to Nsinze before any damage was done to the earphones.

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