What a mission! Accomplished.

Saturday, beautiful weather and not even 4 litres of cool water could replace the perspiration.

This is me and young Frank, building a raised veggie garden for Ayubu. Actually Frank gave up after half an hour; I don’t think he could really see the point. Ayubu, whom the mission was to benefit, it being in his garden) conveniently had so many people to see and calls to make that he didn’t contribute much either, so it was down to our man in Kampala to finish the garden:

And mix the cement and build the compost bins:

A fine job, though somewhat perilously I managed to maintain the pretence of being something of an expert at brick laying in order to stop Ayubu building something too big or too small or totally unusable. He has a curious logic sometimes. However he appeared at the conclusion with the inaugural bag of compost:

Some would call it team work and I had a lovely day, a nice change from writing proposals and fixing networks, worked a bit further on the dwindling beer gut and will certainly sleep well despite another huge thunder storm just beginning.

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  1. john
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 07:14:01

    Funny I have building compost heaps today as well. Not with cement though. My style is to just make a big pile and walk away. Still got a bit of a sweat up though as we had a beautiful day in the Moutere today. Lambs gamboling and birds singing, chickens scratching up newly planted lettuces and slugs….. aaaaaahhh spring. Spent most of the weekend working on a new area extending the garden around the house which will be the first episode which I hope will be “the rest of my life” long exploration of food foresting. (http://pdcastsusworldradio.libsyn.com/gardening-like-a-forest-a-conversation-with-dave-jacke) I am finally allowing myself to leave the gorse stumps in and I will coppice them for there N rich spring growth. You should also have a listen to http://pdcastsusworldradio.libsyn.com/the-real-green-revolution-in-africa-permaculture-in-zimbabwe-with-julious-piti I have just realised that you may not have the internet capacity to download these but there they are anyway. I have been enjoying your blog, nice to know how you are getting on.


    • simthomas
      Sep 26, 2012 @ 16:18:00

      Thanks john. Lovely to hear what’s happening on the other side of the looking glass. Do you think you’d ever do something like this? I think you’d love it and be such an asset to a place like Uganda.


  2. simthomas
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 16:19:37

    I should add that Ayubu also took the photos so I didn’t do everything on my own…


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