The power and the glory…

Firstly, thank you to Motueka on-line:
-and the Moutere Grapevine: … For your support!
Another power cut yesterday, quite normal were it not for the fact it was still off this morning.
Witness new computers thanks to FOAG funders in England:


But no students at them… no power.
Ugandans are not good at telling me things, which is annoying. Turns out the electricity had been CUT off because it’s been unpaid for 4 months. Because… There are 5 other users on our meter and no one had been able to extract any contributions from these poor people. And they are poor.
But… Appeal to the rescue! This is great… The ability to pay the bill, and get reconnected:


And some negotiations regarding the other tenants…


And the good power men sped away into the sunset…


This wasn’t quite what I had in mind for the appeal but its mission was to keep MTCEA running for as long as possible, preferably with income generating activities, and this $200 has allowed the computers to be up and running again… Mission accomplished, so thank you all again for your donations. And we are putting a separate meter in place from now on, so some system changes have been effected too. Still time if you’d like to add to our funds, see APPEAL dossier on the right.


One step forward…. That’s all it takes. Let’s all “do the Dew”!

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