Wuthering Heights and the Peace Corps

Inducted a further mzungu into MTCEA today. Polly is a Peace Corps volunteer from Vermont, here for 2 years, gosh, good on her. Mind you the application process takes 1 year.


She has the advantage of having been through a compulsory 3 month language training. Here she is bargaining in fluent Lusoga for some beans to sprout. As you do, at least in Iganga.
She was very formally introduced to the full team at work, to the tune of boiling kettle and crackling toaster although we had just really enjoyed a chicken curry in the Sol cafe. Byeee Polly.
Meanwhile #1, there’s a storm brewing again.


Hard to photograph a continuous lightning storm but believe me this is another of those almost constant light-ups that I love. Like a flickering full moon, so wonderful, nature in all its power and equatorial glory.


Meanwhile #2, here’s Shaufa, and there’s nothing except our Man’s magic cream to help!
…and #3, here’s Shaufa and her mum, Mama Shaufa, minutes later, seeing themselves in Wild Tomato, something very iterative about this photo:


Thank you Jo Ann. Nice one.

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