Solar dried pineapple

I love our farmers. It’s in their minds that you can see real  creativity and enterprise. They have the pressing necessities that mothers inventions, and not always totally agricultural in nature.


This is Moses’ 70 yr old mother, definitely the matriarch of a beautiful extended family in Makuute.

Her Arts and crafts;
Take a pointed strip of paper, cut from an old calendar, roll it up thick to thin, and you have a bead to make jewellery.


Or make a solar fruit drier:


… And market solar dried pineapple:


…nice label by the way…


Or make a wee loom to make shoulder straps for her handbags:


And such joy, all round. Enterprise like this is quite rare, I should add. Lots of reasons and I’m not sure exactly why. Confidential #15 may shed some light, but I wish for Ugandans’ sake, as objectively as I dare, that it was more prominent.

And I might add, malaria has gone and I feel totally… AWESOME!

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