Shots in the arm but with different results

Today was just what I needed, a booster before I leave Uganda on Friday.  I visited some farmers groups, and i just love Ugandan farmers…


This is lovely Patrick, and his new “zero grazing” cattle unit (a cow pen).


Lunch , chicken and rice, and such genuine gratitude from all the family and wider group for what MTCEA has done for them.


And here’s Ajab, writing a receipt! Yay, some micro loans actually being repaid. Actually we had a pretty good day re. collecting debts, although I did feel a bit like the Sheriff of Nottingham, quite unfairly.

Death is never far away here. One of our farmers’ sons, 10 years old, got malaria. In fact we saw him being sent home just 3 days ago from Iganga hospital after the same quinine IV drips that I had. He wasn’t so lucky.


We went to his burial. So sad, so sad. This could so easily have been me, or one of my children. That’s how random this all is.

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  1. Jo thompson
    Oct 11, 2012 @ 10:32:02

    As always, you bring to life these rich personal experiences so vividly.

    what an achievement with so many positive outcomes Sim, in only 3 months.

    all your new friends are going to miss you….as much as I feel you will miss them….

    BUT – “Onwards and upwards” or ‘sideways’ to safari experiences.
    Watch out lions, elephants, gorillas, and other desperately dangerous things…..Sim is on his way……….


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