Zebra crossing


Our man had landed! Not even a fourth attack of malaria (i know) can dampen my Serengeti spirits, not too much anyway.


We’ve got an excellent group of 12 (we must remember that you don’t take photos of the Masai and you really MUST scrub your hands in dettol before eating) and seeing as the truck holds up to 23 we have plenty of room in which to rattle. A long day from Nairobi felt easy, just the right number of stops for “downloads” to cater for the amount of water being “uploaded” .


We switched to 2 smaller Land Cruisers which have pop tops for viewing …


and broke down 3 times before reaching Serengeti…


The brake fluid leaked and was replaced with soapy water.
The road to and through the Park is pretty rough but we arrived yesterday and have spotted so many wonderful, free, natural, seemingly relaxed  animals (but apart from lions at the top of the food chain, you know that’s only a front)…


Here’s one having a li-in…


And one sitting right by the road, apparently probably an outcast juvenile, poor chap..

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