These are personal accounts of my adventure, my journey.
Some are harrowing, others are heart-warming, they’re all pretty interesting!

Diary #1 – FIRST LOOKS
Diary #2 – Mosquito nets, voice-overs and mysterious dryness
Diary #3 – The meeting
Diary #4 – White men, water pumps and tears
Diary #5 – Sweet green tea, Sweet corn, mice and bike baskets
Diary #6 – Well well well…
Diary #7 – Ayubu through the looking glass
Diary #8 – Going nuts, growing maize
Diary #9 – Malaria, “fracking”, and the end of the “third world”?
Diary #10 – Making the difference
Diary #11 – Appeal results – Manna from heaven
Diary #12 – Flag it?
Diary #13 – “The fact that we’re having this discussion may help us to describe it….“
Diary #14 – One step forward and one back (Nelson Mail article)
Diary #15 – “Both sides now”?
Diary #16 – CONCLUSIONS from a white beach on Zanzibar Island


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