M – Diary #13

Diary #13
From the Crow’s Nest ; “The fact that we’re having this discussion may help us to describe it….

The Crows’ Nest at Sipi has attracted like minds; well, to a point.

There’s student doctors, Catherine from Brighton, Eva from Exeter, Linda and her friend from Holland with their their mothers (between them surely enough experience to suck the venom from our thighs were we unlucky enough to fall victim to a black mamba, or at least you’d be prepared to hope, being so far from civilisation), Mark from Toronto who’s a chaos theoretician/theologian, his daughter Rachael working in Kampala with “Educate”, trying to help ugandan teachers to move away from restrictive rote-learning, her partner Will, a computer programmer working with the same organization who has an extraordinary ability to distil hugely weighty issues without being at all boring, James, a confident economics student from Coventry, a closet intellectual. There’s Simon, also known as Sim, from Belgium with an Irish accent working with the Danish Embassy in Kampala with an agenda to show that climate change is adversely affecting marriages here and who showed us a1/2 hr video to prove it,  two nice dutch men travelers who go with the flow and our man in Sipi who can’t quite make sense of why he’s here.

How do you help a country without adverse effects? Does “aid” deflect attention from the lack of global morality? How will global consciousness ever break through the greed syndrome? Would less damage be caused just waiting for disaster? Is fear of the immigration melting pot a deliberately engineered deflection from the real enemy which is the wealth needs of the few? At what point does nationalism become damaging to the world?
Just a few of tonight’s crossword clues In the reality series “Sipi Weekend from the bar”, sponsored by Nile Beer.
Bit of a change from Iganga. It really is hard to describe why any of us Is here, in Uganda,  Sipi, or at all. Which makes it all the more interesting, obviously!

And that was yesterday, 12 white people being sociable, and very nice too. Today they’re all gone, I’m on my ownio, and it’s back to my book.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Mackay
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 08:44:22

    Global morality. Now there’s a topic. More than even Our Man can cover in his dispatches I suspect


    • simthomas
      Sep 26, 2012 @ 16:08:52

      No doubt, but it has got me thinking! The school where I taught in Melbourne had just one very firm school rule, no “don’t run”, “hand your homework in on time”, “wear the right uniform” etc, just one rule, “be kind”. Kindness, not 10 commandments to argue over, just the one. I reckon that covers global morality, but maybe I’m missing something? Xx


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