D – Diary #4

Diary 4
White men, water pumps and tears

Fun day at the ag show in Jinja. 5 from MTCEA, 4 from the Shining Light Organization, including my 1st contact with another “mzumba”, white man, Sam from just outside Vancouver of all places. Nice guy, I expect we may catch up for a beer one evening.
The ag show was probably more like a Kiwi equivalent than most things I’ve encountered so far, apart from having the River Nile starting just next to you, running out of Lake victoria and the crops being grown having a somewhat more exotic feel about them. How many cautious of mango can there be? We all loved the water pump attached to a motor bike… Jake I thought of you immediately! See photo.
Early home, working on a huge spreadsheet to evaluate 153 farmers using MTcea micro finance to get oxen. I’m actually helping.
Being with these lovely people in such a happy country brings tears to my eyes quite regularly.


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  1. Annette
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 21:10:16

    Hi Simon
    I’m enjoying reading your diary! It must feel wonderful to be helping out! I guess you are there helping out with agricultural advice/ distribution of aid.
    What an experience!
    I like your last sentence……
    Enjoy 🙂


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