F – Diary #6

Well well well…

Didn’t interact with people much today. Cycled, photographed, felt more like a tourist than an integral part.
Ayubu took me for a stroll round the village, Namparika, meeting and greeting, inspecting and comparing wells. Very nice. Maybe we should build a house here? He asks. The buildings are all of brick but some people can’t afford cement, so the bricks are held together with soil, which is ok if you plaster it but of course they can’t afford that either, so there are lots of half-finished homes that are crumbling. Dust to dust, which reminds me of how similar we really all are.

In a karmic way, the laws of cause and effect, fate to some, have resulted in me being born in a white skin and raised in a culture where resources were never far away. And the 1200 bed hospitals that looked after me and mine had really the best the world knew about. The 1200 bed hospital near Iganga is full of other souls with very dark skins, from different cause/effect paths, and it has no running water. In a future life journey I wonder will our fates be interchanged? Blimey…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Anna Li
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 20:35:57

    Too true dad, we surely are blessed in this one eh!


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