K – Diary #11

Diary #11
Manna from heaven

Spiritual food sent by God, good work team NZ. Not one, not two but three parcels came today. I opened the little PO box 93 which is down at ground level, thought it empty but had a worm’s eye second look, a man’s look if you will, and found 3 little slips of document, all different shapes and colors indicating that more would be revealed upon further enquiry.
Photos on the posts, to the left.

Thank you Christine, Trish and Chris… The kids books and toys will bring even more tears when presented, as some already have. Behind the office is is a tiny block of three rooms with a shared concrete path (aka the garden) and a shared long drop (which the office also shares). It appears that the 3 rooms are rented by 3 solo mums with babies. One of these beautiful ladies is called Shamim, who with her son Emma (yes I wondered too) suffers the most basic life, always with a smile and a genuine, eye-contacting “how are you Sim?” I gave her a Purex Bear and book to share with Tiny Emma…. Can’t describe the look in her eyes. But it touched my soul.
So thank you! The books and airplanes will mainly find a home at a primary school I’ll be seeing in 3 weeks, the green tea and ginger nuts will be office fodder for the team who has only recently discovered why the British had an empire. The chocolate however may not be so widely distributed.

JoAnn, the biccies and tea are also in the tea box ready for tomorrow’s meeting, the corn chips went as we were opening the parcels, “oo what are these? Any more Sim?”, and the reading material will be devoured with equal enthusiasm.
Jake, what can I say? Ayubu seeing all those new, NEW, mouse pads, mice, keyboards, pens (peter has never seen so many in one bag), open-eyed wonder, card readers… what’s this Sim? I hope the beef jerky doesn’t catch on as I like it too much. There’s a pic of everybody opening the parcels – look carefully and you’ll see they’re ALL wearing reading glasses, thanks jake, also christine et al.
And from you all, Playing cards, Games, snacks, camping showers (they all looked suspiciously at these but will be convinced, jake!), books, cosmetics (just in time I can tell you), and Jo Ann, BLU TAC!! Did I ask for that? If so, aren’t I clever, if not, you’re telepathic cos an hour beforehand we were trying to pin up some notices on the newly painted walls and I was saying NO STOP DON’T DO IT! (thought of you CJ). And I said we need Blu Tac and they had no idea what I was on about and then…. It arrived.
Manna, as I say, from heaven. Thank you all so much.

So today has been an extraordinary one, giving and yet receiving so much in return. I hope some of that passes, through this commentary, to you well wishers.
Peter and  I also went to 2 banks to try and secure low interest loans to get more funds to lend to farmers but it turns out when they day 2% they mean “per month”.
Back to the drawing board. Which reminds me….

10 of you amazing people have now donated to the cause, and I’ve been able to hand over the first $500 to the MTCEA operating fund. Until now the term “petty cash” was something they could only dream of. Now they have a tin with funds for the essentials to keep running. Within hours of the handover they had filled in the newly designed “pretty cash record forms” with items like “printer cartridge refill”, “fuel to visit chairman”, “soda… Koha”. This latter is interesting on 2 counts. A farmer had biked for 2 hours to visit us to see if we yet had a loan for him to buy oxen. We had to say no. Petty cash was able to buy him a Mountain Dew (costs 50c nz). He was, well, impressed and immensely grateful. This is not only good manners but also enhances our reputation as the good guys, “Happy to help”. Secondly I’ve introduced the word Koha. It so perfectly conjures up what it means. It’s even a defined category in the new accounting package I’ve introduced!
Actually we do still need funds for that appeal. If you haven’t done so and would like to, it would be great to get those through in the next week so the project can prioritise their use.
Thank you all so much.
So much, from so little…


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